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Testimonial Eyespeak

Even though I am having respiratory problems and have not learned as much as I want to, when I practice I feel empowerment and joy! I love you, Eyespeak Team!

pALS Gloria Samaniego Hale (USA)
Testimonial Eyespeak

The EyeSpeak provides an essential tool, especially for those who haven't had success using other communication devices. EyeSpeak gives people back their independence and their human right to communicate freely. It's a hopeful time for people who want to communicate in a more immersive way as the EyeSpeak glasses become a part of the user.

Michele Dupree (USA) ALS Advocate
Testimonial Eyespeak

I've only been using the EyeSpeak glasses a short time, but I love the concept and think it's going to be a great advantage for the ALS community. Thank you!

pALS Dan Barton (USA)
Testimonial Eyespeak

So far the experience has been superb (…) The one funny thing I noticed is, that I'm so used to reading my iPad with my head down, that I find myself assuming a head down position with Eyespeak, just out of habit.:) I've started reclining my wheelchair to overcome that habit and it is amazing to be relaxed but still communicate and access the Internet! Please thank your colleagues for their amazing work. (…) Eyespeak is amazing breakthrough in wearable eye gaze technology. I can lay flat or look at people I'm "speaking" with. It gives me greater freedom.

pALS John A. Gregoire Co-Founder The Hope-JG Foundation (USA)

Thanks again to you and all the people who worked on EyeSpeak. Juri says that it is working very well. She is amazed that you were able to put all of the features of eye tracking, display and speech generation into such a small and self contained package. Juri is very excited to be finally able to use the device, and she has been playing with it every day.

Caregiver Ken Kameda (USA)
Testimonial Eyespeak

(…) It is definitely the most accurate computer system I have tried. It took a few calibrations to get accurate. (…) I know that many people don't have the human help that I do, so I think it is wonderful that this is available for them. Thank you very much!

pALS Jason Backer (USA)

(…) The EyeSpeak headset is a wonderful device for those who can move their eyes. The team at EyeSpeak was very supportive and helpful in solving any issues we have had with the device. We are very impressed with how much time they took with us to help us understand how to use the headset and camera. It is people like the team at EyeSpeak that give us hope for all of our loved ones that live in this locked-in syndrome. Thank you so much for everything! Keep up the good work!!!

Caregiver Lynn Simpson (USA)
Testimonial Eyespeak

EyeSpeak represents a major advance in infrared eyegaze AAC technology. It gives the user unprecedented freedom and employs a fast and intuitive interface. The Virtual Reality platform is the future of AAC.

PALS Eric Valor (USA)


Portable and easy to carry, like conventional glasses. The device doesn’t need to be connected to a computer or tablet to work and can be used anywhere and independently of the physical position.


Only the user can visualize the image projected on the lens, preserving the individual privacy.


The transparency of the lens allows the user to see the surrounding environment and look directly to the caller. The internet access facilitates user interaction with the world.


It has a simple calibration system and allows the user to start communicating immediately when wearing the glasses.

internet connection

Enables Web browsing, email visualization and communication via Skype, among other features.


Enables content creation, management and research (text, image, photography, video, audio and animation).

Eyespeak Product

what is eyespeak? how does it work?

The EyeSpeak is a communication system through the eyes, especially designed for people with extreme mobility and communication limitations caused by different types of illness or injury.

The EyeSpeak consists of a pair of glasses in which the lenses display a screen with a virtual keyboard. It has a micro camera that detects the position and the movement of the eyes and, in this way, identifies the key the user is looking at.

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