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the eyespeak system features two versions:
synthesized speech and customized voice

The synthesized speech is an artificial voice, male or female, chosen according to the gender of the user. There are different voice tones and slower or faster voices. Voices are available in different languages.

The custom voice is created from the user's voice, pre-recorded, enabling a more natural and personal communication.

EyeSpeak products available:

- Standard EyeSpeak, with synthesized voice. Includes a power unit;
- myOwn EyeSpeak, with the speaker's voice. Includes two power units;
- Power unit, sold separately.

Standard EyeSpeak

Standard EyeSpeak
with synthesized voice
includes a power unit

myOwn EyeSpeak

myOwn EyeSpeak
with the speaker's voice
includes two power units

Power unit

Power unit
sold separately