what is eyespeak? how does it work?

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The EyeSpeak is a communication system through the eyes, especially designed for people with extreme mobility and communication limitations caused by different types of illness or injury.

The EyeSpeak consists of a pair of glasses in which the lenses display a screen with a virtual keyboard. It has a micro camera that detects the position and the movement of the eyes and, in this way, identifies the key the user is looking at.

The user selects the keys with the movement of the eyes, being able to write words and phrases. Then, using the built-in speaker system, the user translates what was written into sound by selecting the key "speak" after typing a word or phrase.

The innovative EyeSpeak system allows the user to communicate at any place or physical location, without the need for assistive devices such as computer, laptop or tablet.

Any person can use the EyeSpeak autonomously, because the only help that the user needs is someone to put the glasses on the face and press the "ON" button to turn it on.

The user can also go to the Internet, view videos, and access to emails with privacy, as no one else can see what is being projected on the screen. Communicate via Skype is another of the possibilities that the EyeSpeak provides!

Additionally, while communicating or using the Internet, the user of the EyeSpeak can observe all the surrounding context, through the transparent lens of the device, maintaining a close connection with reality.

To learn more about the eyespeak software please watch the vídeo

The EyeSpeak is going to revolutionize how these people communicate and interact with the world. It is a fast and accurate system, easy to use, with very low latency and self-calibrating. Offers a truly new experience, allowing its user to interact with the world like never before: Through eye movement.

- Ivo Vieira, CEO of LusoVu

Eyespeak components

eyespeak components

The EyeSpeak system includes the following components:

  • Augmented Reality Glasses;
  • Controller;
  • Communication Unit:
    • ∙ Infrared LEDs
    • ∙ Camera with eye tracking interface
    • ∙ Processing Unit
    • ∙ Speaker
  • Power Unit.

technical specifications

Operating system: Android [4.0.4]

Resolution of the EyeSpeak: 960x540 (the same as the EPSON BT-200 glasses)

Field of view of the EyeSpeak: approximately 23° (the same as the EPSON BT-200 glasses)

Autonomy: approximately 8h

Infrared wave length: 880 nm

Infrared maximum intensity: 0,16 mW/sr per LED ( According to International Regulation )

Camera resolution: 320x240

why is eyespeak so unique?

The EyeSpeak system has features that make it unique and incomparable
with existing systems currently on the market.


Portable and easy to carry, like conventional glasses. The device doesn’t need to be connected to a computer or tablet to work and can be used anywhere and independently of the physical position.


Only the user can visualize the image projected on the lens, preserving the individual privacy.


The transparency of the lens allows the user to see the surrounding environment and look directly to the caller. The internet access facilitates user interaction with the world.


It has a simple calibration system and allows the user to start communicating immediately when wearing the glasses.

internet connection

Enables Web browsing, email visualization and communication via Skype, among other features.


Enables content creation, management and research (text, image, photography, video, audio and animation).

For additional information please contact us

by phone +351 21 116 50 20 or email eyespeak@lusovu.com