01. Which are the available languages?

The 1.0 version includes the following languages: English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Finish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Swedish and Turkish.

02. Can I use the device if I wear corrective glasses?

Yes, it is possible to use corrective glasses and the EyeSpeak simultaneously. There are three options:

- Adapt the corrective lens to the EPSON lens holder;
- Use the EyeSpeak together with the user’s corrective glasses underneath. This option can interfere with the device function and its success depends on the size of the corrective lenses;
- Use Rochester Optical lenses with vision and inter-pupillary distance correction (see next FAQ).

03. My inter-pupillary distance is less than 6 cm. Can I use the EyeSpeak?

Yes, EyeSpeak can be used for any inter-pupillary distance. However, when the distance is much less than 6 cm, the user can experiment double vision or see blurred images. In this case, it is advisable to purchase correction lens of inter-pupillary distance, which also have a corrective function. We suggest http://www.rochesteroptical.com/products/digital-lenses/smart-gold-lenses/smart-gold-epson-moverio/.

04. Do I need to connect the device to a computer?

The EyeSpeak is a stand-alone device so there is no need to connect it to a computer, laptop or tablet.

05. Do I need to plug the device into a standard wall outlet?

No, it is not necessary to plug the device into an electrical outlet because the system has a Power Unit.

06. Can I use the device outdoors?

Yes, the device can be used outdoors using the membrane developed for the purpose. However, in extreme light conditions, system performance may be compromised.

07. Is it possible to clean the device?

Yes. We recommend to clean the device with wipes for optical use. The user can perform a superficial cleaning, keeping the membrane in place or a deep cleaning, removing the membrane. Care should be taken when cleaning the area close to the camera and the LEDs, avoiding exuberant movements.

08. Is it possible to try the EyeSpeak before buying it? What should I do if I notice that I´m not able to use the device due to the advanced state of my disease?

At the moment, we don’t have any demo unit. Because we are aware that advanced stages of the disease prevent some people from taking full advantage of the EyeSpeak (for example when there is no ability to control eye movements), we have a refund policy of 100% of the price, valid for 30 days after the product had been received by the user. The cost of returning/custom will be user’s responsibility.

09. How long does it take the average person to learn how to work with the device?

It depends on the person’s experience using eye tracking devices, but for a non-experienced person it takes about one week to learn how to use it if it is used at least two hours per day.

10. How can I purchase it?

To purchase the EyeSpeak you must contact LusoVu and transfer 50% of value. LusoVu will provide all the information that you need for the bank transfer. You will then be contacted five days before the delivery of the product and at that time you must pay the remaining 50% of the value. The product is then sent to your address.

11. Does insurance cover this device?

At the moment we don´t have any agreement established with insurance companies. However, there are some insurance companies that provide this kind of refund.

12. I have banked my voice. Is it possible to integrate my voice into the EyeSpeak?

The voices used in EyeSpeak are by Acapela Group. If the storage has been made in some other way probably there will be no compatibility.

13. Is there an 800 support line?

It will be available during the next week. The contact details will be published in the website.